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Hot Naked Photo Gallery of Carla Bruni

Sunday, September 26th, 2010

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We all now know her “the First Lady of France”, she exudes a glamorous sexiness that even the most powerful and sought-after European men like French President Nicolas Sarkozy couldn’t help but bowl over this babe until they decided to tie the knot in 2008. And even this famous hottie was not spared from the harsh reality of fame and politics that soon reports of nude photos of Carla Bruni started circulating and we did a little sleaze-searching until we dug up a hefty load of those elusive pictures and we have gathered them into one exciting photo gallery that you’ll get to see for the first time as Carla Bruni sheds off her signature clothes and expose her tits and pussy for all of mankind to enjoy.

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These boner-inducing nude photos are just too hot to handle that even her head of state hubby would be pulling out his hair once he learns about his wifey’s explicit and revealing photos being leaked out in the open and now all of you Carla Bruni male admirers out there can check out this exclusive collection of Carla Bruni naked pictures.

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