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February 3rd, 2017 by christian

You cannot believe what I just found today when I was searching for celebrities. Julianne Moore has the most crazy pussy shots here in this post on the blog Julianne Moore.
Then i also found this other blog with Helen Hunt 100% NUDE its fucking crazy click here, I cannot believe how old she got, but id still do her, what about you guys ?

Horny Carla drilled by her fuck machine

November 29th, 2016 by J

Carla Bruni enjoys masturbating on cam

With her big round breasts and sexy tight body, Carla Bruni films self while naked and having a fun time masturbating using her new toy, the fuck machine. She’s still testing it for a friend on cam so she figures why not give him a naughty pussy play show while she’s at it.

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July 12th, 2016 by J

Carla Bruni goes totally crazy when she craves for some hardcore fuck. Picking up a hot dude while wandering on the streets is one of her wildest habits and we’re about to see how she does it. Teasing a younger dude and making him stick his dick for her was easy as Bruni is one hottie herself who wouldn’t take no for an answer. Giving head and riding this jock’s cock while outdoors eventually gave her a huge amount of cum to swallow and it made all her effort getting quick sex with a total stranger all worthwhile.

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Wild Carla Bruni in naughty lesbo sex

March 10th, 2016 by J

Who knew that these high officials of the state would be exploding in controversy with a seemingly harmless video on the internet. Let’s take the wife of a French president as a perfect example. Aside from going over the nation’s problems and trying to solve them together with its people, another issue arises when this wild lesbian sextape leaked. Some are shocked while, well, a lot were actually enjoying the show. Married for almost a decade now, Carla Bruni, unleashed what could probably the sole reason for her being such a delight to her husband’s eyes. She’s got that sex siren within, which we’re lucky to see in this clip.

Carla Bruni enjoying wild lesbian sex

Playing in the bedroom with her girlfriend, eating each other’s cunts up while spreading their legs wide, you’ll be dead crazy if you don’t get hard watching this. Her hubby’s keeping mum but reliable sources say, he’s not surprised that it leaked and that they do hardcore stuff at swingers’ parties at times. This started when she posed for Vogue where she looked all feisty and wild. A lot of men and women took interest and invited the couple in their sessions. While it’s not new to them, this kinky lesbian sex tape is sure one hell of a fresh issue that the French people don’t mind facing every single day. You would agree when you watch Carla go wild on the bed, eating pussies and pleasuring chicks.

Hot Naked Photo Gallery of Carla Bruni

September 26th, 2010 by carla

hot carla bruni boobs

We all now know her “the First Lady of France”, she exudes a glamorous sexiness that even the most powerful and sought-after European men like French President Nicolas Sarkozy couldn’t help but bowl over this babe until they decided to tie the knot in 2008. And even this famous hottie was not spared from the harsh reality of fame and politics that soon reports of nude photos of Carla Bruni started circulating and we did a little sleaze-searching until we dug up a hefty load of those elusive pictures and we have gathered them into one exciting photo gallery that you’ll get to see for the first time as Carla Bruni sheds off her signature clothes and expose her tits and pussy for all of mankind to enjoy.

sexy carla bruni nude

These boner-inducing nude photos are just too hot to handle that even her head of state hubby would be pulling out his hair once he learns about his wifey’s explicit and revealing photos being leaked out in the open and now all of you Carla Bruni male admirers out there can check out this exclusive collection of Carla Bruni naked pictures.

carla bruni skimpy bikini

More Carla Bruni Sexy B&W Pics

April 22nd, 2010 by carla

Carla Bruni‘s had a long career, so there isn’t any shortage of images of her from her numerous magazine pictorials.  And so that means there isn’t any shortage of her nude pics, because fashion and the baring of skin go hand in hand especially for supermodels from her day!  I mean the 80s was a time of wild experimentation, and it was a time before the supermodel explosion that pushed models into the spotlight, so there was more time to get naughty.

So here we get to enjoy this highly-successful MILF and her sexy body.  Carla Bruni’s statuesque body is stunning (especially in her amazon-esque pic here which has her topless in a yummy bikini.)  But it’s the close-up of her face that really gets me erect and wish I were Nicholas Sarkozy!  To think he gets make love to that beautiful face and maybe even watch it give him a blowjob!  Becoming France’s president comes as a distant second to the luck he has being married to Carla Bruni in my book…

Well, enjoy this tribute to a lusty fleshpot like Carla Bruni.  And make sure you check out her other nude pics on this site!

Carla Bruni Wet And Wild

July 21st, 2008 by carla

As a former supermodel, consort to rock stars, and now as first lady of a first-world nation, Carla Bruni has never lacked for access to the most beautiful vacation destinations in the world.  Of course, some of her favorite places to go where she can kick back and relax include the world’s best beaches.  And what she loves most about those beaches aren’t the beautiful white sand dunes or the clear blue water and sky.  No, what she really enjoys about those places are the opportunities to get wild and naked!  Topless fun in the surf and sand is one one of her favorite activities and totally in keeping with the wild fashion model and rich Eurotrash lifestyle she’s accustomed to.  The good thing about that is we get to see more of her sexy, svelte body, bared for all to see, which is another thing that’s second nature to her!

The first lady of France loves to bare it all, and you can check out some of the hottest Carla Bruni nude and naked images by clicking on the link and making sure the President of France doesn’t know about it!

Carla Bruni An Amy Winehouse Influence?

July 21st, 2008 by carla

Though Carla Bruni is mostly known for being a fashion supermodel and now as the first lady of France, she’s got quite a career going in the realm of music.  In French-speaking countries, her albums have sold quite well, with two albums out and a third already on its way.  And aside from putting out albums, Carla Bruni has also been in relationships with some of the world’s biggest music icons, like Eric Clapton and Mick Jagger.  But it’s her bee-hive hairdo in this series of nude photos that really makes one think her influence might have rubbed of a bit on Amy Winehouse.

With that hair style and the penchant for baring her body, even though it’s not of supermodel proportions, Amy might be wishing she could snag herself a head of state, just like Carla Bruni.  So all the single world leaders out there should beware, because the skank whore from London might be on your trail, so make sure you’ve had your shots!  Of course if it were Carla Bruni herself who was looking to hump you, then you’d be welcoming her with open arms, but President Sarkozy’s beaten everyone to it, hasn’t he?  After all those other men Carla’s been with, of course…

Looking for more hot, naked Carla Bruni pics, with or without the beehive hair-do?  Then check out this site, and see the first Lady of France at her raunchiest, right now!

Carla Bruni Shows Off Her Pussy

July 20th, 2008 by carla

It’s a bit surprising to know that Carla Bruni’s pussy is very furry, but its wild black hair is very neatly trimmed, which is more in keeping with her image.  But hey, she’s French after all, and they do like hair on their pussies.  She also apparently likes playing with it a lot, and indulging it by feeding it its favorite food.  Her pussy’s fave treat?  Big, meaty sausages, apparently.  As you can tell by the picture here, she likes fondling her pussy when she’s topless or naked.  It’s much more satisfying that way and she can really appreciate the warmth of her favorite pet as she cradles it in her hands.  That’s one thing that the first lady of France has in common with other female pussy lovers out there, I guess, although not many would admit to doing that, much less letting themselves be photographed topless while holding their pussy.  If I were that cat, I’d definitely be one satisfied feline!

But there’s more Carla Bruni pussy action available out there, and you can find some that don’t involve her pet cat by clicking here.  Go on and enjoy your Pepe Le Pew moment by romancing this hot French pussycat now!

Some Carla Bruni Nude Black And White Photos

July 20th, 2008 by carla

Just to prove that Carla Bruni is a class act and not your run-of-the-mill naked slut, it’s best to start your appreciation of this sexy mature babe with a look at some classic black & white images of her.  She’s been modelling for quite some time now, and some of her most enduring images have come form some of the greatest fashion photographers of our time.  Not that it should matter for the average horndog.  A naked pic of Mrs. Sarkozy would be hot, whoever took it, whether it’s some Vogue photographer or a cheap paparazzo.  Just check out that model-icious body on display in these naked and topless images.

It should be an added thrill for everybody realizing that they’re getting aroused by the wife of a man who’s leading a nation with such a long, proud history, and an entire army at his command.  Talk about danger being an aphrodisiac — it’s a good thing he doesn’t know you’re looking at his woman and cradling your erection at the same time.  Not that the French Army are really that scary, but it’s still a little extra excitement, right?

For more forbidden excitement as you let your eyes wander over the hot body of a country’s first lady, check out more Carla Bruni nude images at that last link and let loose your lust for this mature French babe!